Master the STAR/SOAR Method
Use this method to answer behavioral based questions. A complete answer should contain four steps: Situation, Task/Objective, Action, Result or "STAR"/"SOAR."

Know Yourself
Know how to reply to possible interview questions.

Know the Organization
Research the company for more information on the organization's strengths and mission. Learn what interview format is being used.

Know What Employers Look For
Employers want you, as a university graduate, to have demonstrated ability in several skill areas.

Know the Topic
Read up on current events, social, and ethical issues.

Take the time to practice interviewing, either with friends or with the Mock Interview program.

Know How to Handle Illegal Questions
An interviewer may ask some questions regardless of their legality.

Anticipate Difficult Questions
How can you explain your low grade point average? Why did you change your major three times? Don't try to avoid these questions or "beat around the bush." Explain the situation honestly and in a positive manner. Try to turn a weakness into a strength, for example, "Yes, my GPA is low, but this is because I worked thirty hours per week to put myself through school."

Prepare Questions for Your Interviewer
The end of the interview is usually reserved for your questions. Do not just ask generic questions, and do not ask questions that could easily be found in company literature. Ask questions that will help you determine if you are a good match for the position and organization.

Dress to Impress
Dress conservatively with the appropriate business attire. Make sure to convey professionalism at all times.