How to Participate:

 Login to Handshake@Illinois this week to view employer participants

  • Click Events in the upper navigation bar
  • Use the “Search Events” button and input the keyword “Virtual Illini Career and Internship”
  • Explore the 20+ employers hosting virtual information sessions April 6 -10
  • Register for the virtual sessions that interest you!
  • Attend the virtual information sessions at each designated time


  • The Career Center remains available to address your career-related needs
  • Connect with us


  • Why attend a virtual information session?
    • Learn more about the organization and meet company representatives in a less formal situation, and allows you to ask questions!
  • What should I expect the virtual information session to be like?
    • The session may be a formal presentation, a panel of current employees, include information about professional development, etc.
    • The exact format depends on each employer.
  • How can I prepare for the sessions in advance?
    • Do your research on the company visiting their company’s website and Handshake site to learn about what the company does, the types positions they offer, where jobs are located, etc.
    • Prepare questions you still have based on what you cannot find out about the company online.
  • What should I do after I attend one of the sessions?
    • If you are interested in the company, we recommend you follow up with the employer via Handshake, email, or LinkedIn to reiterate your interest and share your resume.
    • If the employer gave instructions on how to follow up at the session, follow their directions.