The Career Center is dedicated to providing career and professional development opportunities to all students at Illinois. In partnership with faculty and staff, we connect students with relevant resources and equip them with knowledge and tools to make career decisions, explore majors, and seek  post-graduate opportunities.

Request a Workshop

The Career Center offers a variety of workshops related to career and professional development.  We will work closely with you to customize workshop content to best meet your needs.  Request a workshop today.

Don't Cancel That Class

The Career Center seeks to be your partner in the education of students. If a situation occurs and you need to cancel class, The Career Center staff can come to your classroom and provide workshops on a wide array of topics, including resume and cover letters, job and internship search, how to prepare for a career fair, and much more.


Interview Assignments

Faculty are encouraged to use The Career Center’s mock interview resources to support the interview training and professional development that is implemented in the classroom or with students more generally.

The Career Center can assist with interview assignments and practice for students through live mock interviews with a coach and through Big Interview, a web-based interviewing program.

Integrating Career Development into Your Classroom

Discover how The Career Center can help you incorporate career and professional development into your curriculum.  We will assist you in creating assignments or develop classroom activities that best meet the needs of your students.  The customized activities will help your students define their career goals, articulate skills, and develop their job search materials.