Prepare to Succeed

Career readiness is the demonstration of competencies that broadly prepare you for a successful transition to your next step. These competencies can be developed through a variety of experiences. In addition to building skills, experiences provide you the opportunity to test out your interests and inform your career decisions.


Building Your Network

Networking is just a fancy word for getting to know people. There is no better time or place to build your network than on a college campus.


You know they are an important part of your college experience, but they should be meaningful to you. More than just checking a box.

Campus & Community Involvement

Serve, help, learn and lead. Getting involved in student and community organizations is valuable experience as you build skills needed for future success.

Work Experience

Don't underestimate the value of part-time and summer jobs. The real-world experience you gain through part-time jobs demonstrates work ethic, time management, and other career readiness competencies.

Undergraduate Research

One of the unique aspects of your Illinois experience is the endless opportunity for you to engage in cutting-edge research that may impact our future for generations. 

Experience for Pre-Health Students

It takes more than a strong GPA and test scores to become a competent healthcare professional. Admissions committees want to see demonstrated knowledge of the field, a commitment to service, and strong interpersonal skills.

What’s Next?