Health Professions: Denstistry

Thinking About Becoming a Dentist?
Dentists are health care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, prevent and/or treat diseases, disorders and/or conditions of the oral cavity. They educate patients on oral health and disease prevention and perform procedures to improve overall oral health. Dentistry offers career options including: academic dentistry, private practice, dental research, public policy, international health care and federal government.

The Career Center's Guide to Dentistry

Looking for pre-requisite courses? Tips for getting hands-on clinical experience? Dental school application prep and timeline suggestions? Look no further! Our Dental Preparation Guide has all this and more.

Pathways to Dentistry


Preparation and Requirements

Pre-Dental students are expected to establish a strong academic record and participate in activities that better develop their interpersonal skills, their knowledge of the dental profession, and their leadership abilities. These type of activities often include things such as employment opportunities, dental clinic shadowing, volunteer experiences, organizational memberships, and community service.


Application Process

There are many steps and requirements to apply to dental school, including an entrance exam, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Pay close attention to the instruction manual for the centralized application service and requirements for individual programs. Meet with a Health Professions advisor to make sure you’re on track.