2018-19 Annual Report

Experience a comprehensive review of activities and achievements at The Career Center in the past academic year. Learn about the scope of programs and services offered, and learn what students and colleagues say about the quality of their experiences with our team!


1 in 4 students used The Career Center

In 2017-18, 11,524 unique students used TCC. 38,026 total student contacts were provided (12% increase compared to last year) in programs/workshops and individual appointments. Approximately 39% were freshmen and sophomores, 20% were juniors, 28% were seniors, and 12% were graduate students.  

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Sample Assessment Reports

See how we communicate the value of our career development programs and services, and work to continuously improve the opportunities and learning experiences provided to students.


New Technology Resources

  • TCC’s new website was visited by 87,632 unique visitors, with 161,056 visits; on average, visitors spent more time on the website than in the past, with more pages per visit.
  • This website introduced new online scheduling. 75% of completed appointments were self-scheduled online
  • Enhanced marketing via social media and email contributed to attendance increases at fairs



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What Students Learn from TCC Programs and Services…

"[My career advisor] gave me many resources I can use to look into my major. I felt so much better about my career choice and about my classes after speaking with her."  ~ Freshman, Division of General Studies, 2014

“There is actually a lot more opportunity than I thought.” ~Sophomore, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“The most valuable thing I learned was to express and articulate your passion. Passion matters!” ~Junior, College of Business, 2016

“How to formulate an elevator speech and the importance of incorporating your experiences when thinking about employment and interviews.” ~Senior, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2016

“Believe in yourself. Believe you are capable of the job.” ~Graduate Student, College of Engineering, 2016

"Talk to companies I've never heard of! There were so many interesting opportunities with different companies." ~ Senior, College of Media, 2017

"I gained many resources that I could look into. I was also greeted very warmly and gained a lot of comfort." ~ College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2017

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