It is helpful to know which companies and organizations have hired Illinois international students on the CPT, OPT or AT status. Based on the data of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), The Career Center updates these CPT/OPT/AT company lists twice a year.

Please note the companies on this list may be friendly or supportive in hiring Illinois students, but their recruiting policies can change by internal and/or external factors. Do not limit your job search to these companies because there are many other companies that may be interested in your skills.     


Who May Be Interested in You?

Think about which companies in the U.S. may be more supportive to international job seekers. Foreign companies operating in the U.S. and American companies operating in your home country may need to hire international students due to languages and intercultural competencies. Please search for those companies by using the Uniworld database and international chamber of commerce sites. LinkedIn will help check who are employed at those companies.   

Checking organizational recruiting culture is also important. Each company may have different policies and norms in hiring international job seekers for CPT, OPT, and H1B. Myvisajobs.com’s H1B and Green Card database will allow you to learn about recruiting trends and cultures of each company in hiring international talents.    

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