Live Mock Interview with a Coach

  • Engage in a 60 minute live, customized interview via Zoom, phone, or in-person.
  • Get instant, personalized feedback from a Coach in preparation for real interviews.

Pre-Recorded Video Interview Practice – Self-Service through Big Interview

  • Engage in a pre-recorded video interview through Big Interview.
  • Choose from thousands of general, behavioral, technical, and industry-specific questions.
  • Share your interview with a peer, mentor, etc. to receive feedback (Optional). The Career Center does not provide feedback on general Big Interview practice.

Pre-Recorded Video Interview Practice - Get Feedback from a Coach

  • Engage in a 10 minute pre-recorded video interview in Big Interview, with five pre-determined general, behavioral-based interview questions.
  • Submit your videos and get feedback via email from a Career Center Interview Coach in 3-5 business days.