What is a Non-Profit Organization?

Non-profits, in comparison to for-profits, are organizations, agencies, or groups that are described as not commercially motivated. However, non-profits may still have a similar business model as for-profit groups. A non-profit can operate an organization, produce funding, and pay their employees.

Why Work for a Non-Profit Organization?

Working for a non-profit agency, organization, or group can be very rewarding, especially if you are passionate about a cause and want to connect with others who have similar interests. People from all backgrounds and majors choose to work for non-profits.

Be sure to check out our job boards section to view current job postings at non-profits all over the world. Reviewing non-profit organizations and associations can also give you some idea of the options available.

Get Experience at a Non-Profit Organization

Involving yourself in the non-profit model during your time at Illinois is a great way to explore it as a future career. Joining a registered student organization (RSO) is one way to get experience, and the campus has many RSOs specific to non-profit work.

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Best Sites To Find Non-Profit Jobs

While you may uncover a few jobs with non-profit organizations through Handshake or by attending career fairs, these campus-based resources are not likely to yield very many opportunities. Non-profits do not engage in on-campus recruiting activities and events in the same manner as for-profit companies. Using sites with job boards dedicated to non-profit organizations is likely to provide you with a wider variety of options. One of our favorite sites is Idealist.org. It lists jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities, as well as provides a searchable directory of more than 100,000 non-profit organizations.

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