Before the Virtual Career Fair

  • Register for the career fair ahead of time and create a calendar reminder
  • Visit Handshake (or the website where the virtual career fair is being hosted) to research the companies you are interested in connecting with
  • Sign up for one-on-one and group employer sessions in advance of the date of the fair
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed at The Career Center
  • Upload your updated resume to Handshake (or other platform) so employers can easily access it before and during the fair
  • Prepare your introduction and elevator pitch
  • Prepare your business professional attire
  • Prepare questions for each employer
  • Check your internet connection and video applications beforehand


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What to Expect at a Virtual Career Fair

  • Remember that just because you’re a part of a virtual career fair doesn’t mean that the jobs available will be remote positions
  • The format of a virtual career fair varies based on the host, and how you will interact with employers depends on the setup. There may be group information sessions, one-on-one video sessions, or group/individual chats
  • One-on-one sessions with employers will typically be 10 minutes or less
  • Some employers may take the fair as an opportunity to screen and interview candidates

How to Approach Employers

  • Establish eye contact (look at your camera, not your computer screen), smile, and introduce yourself
  • Be confident and upbeat
  • Be ready to engage and have a conversation with the recruiter once you have been greeted
  • Relax and speak slowly
  • Articulate how your interests and qualifications are well-aligned with the organization's needs.


During the Virtual Career Fair

  • Attend the fair in a distraction free, quiet, environment
  • Be prepared to confidently engage with the employer(s)
  • Show up to your sessions on time
  • Demonstrate professional body language and good posture
  • Speak clearly and showcase your professionalism
  • Have a digital copy of your resume and questions for each employer prepared
  • Ask for next steps and contact information
  • Take notes and re-group after an employer session
  • Type/Speak clearly and showcase your professionalism
  • Avoid slang and emojis when typing in the chat
  • When typing, type your chat responses in Word and then paste into the career fair chat box
  • Take notes about the conversation
  • Request contact information and ask about next steps
  • Smile and thank the recruiter to conclude

Following up after the Fair

  • Within 24 hours send a “Thank You” email to all employers you spoke with
  • Keep a spreadsheet of all contacts made with employers
  • Connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn
  • Within 7–10 days of the job fair, make follow-up contact with the representatives with whom you spoke about a possible interview