Before Starting Your Search

  • Reflect on your interests, passions, and skills.
  • Research duties and tasks associated with occupations.
  • Identify positions and organizations of interest to learn about requirements, environment, and work culture.


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Fine-Tune Application Materials

  • Have your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other application documents reviewed prior to starting your search.
    • If you need a quick review of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, use one of our drop-in services listed below.
    • If you would like a deeper conversation about your application documents, schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

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Job Search Websites

One of the easiest ways to find jobs or internships is by using job sites. Make sure to research whether there are specific job sites for your industry.

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On-Campus Jobs

Working on campus is a great way to develop your skills and gain experience

  • Find campus opportunities on the Virtual Job Board or Handshake.
  • Ask your faculty members, academic advisors, TAs, and others about any positions they may know of.

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Career Fairs

Hundreds of employers come to campus to recruit Illinois students at career fairs

Fairs hosted by the Career Center

Illinois Part-Time Job Fair

  • Open to all Illinois students seeking on-campus and local part-time paid jobs
  • Held at the beginning of the fall and spring semester

Illini Career and Internship Fair

  • Open to all Illinois students seeking full-time jobs and internships from a variety of industries
  • Held mid-spring semester

Educators’ Job Fair

  • Open to all Illinois students seeking teaching and education-related jobs   
  • Held mid-spring semester


Interviews and follow-up

It is important that you follow up with employers after you apply and interview for a position. Always send thank you emails or letters after you interview with a company. If you have not heard from the employer within the timeframe the employer indicated, be sure to follow up. Let the employer know you are still interested in the position and ask if there have been adjustments to the timeline. Also, be sure to communicate if you have a pending offer with a looming deadline with another employer. Transparency is important.


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