International Employment

It can take considerable time and effort to locate career-related work abroad. Be sure to use reputable sources and job boards when seeking employment overseas. You must acquire a work permit. Without a permit, you risk possible fines, deportation, low wages, exploitation, and lack of legal protection. 

For a minimal charge, work exchange programs arrange work permits for participants prior to leaving the U.S. While some participants arrange their jobs prior to departure and target career-related fields, most find jobs after arriving overseas.  They often have service-related positions, such as waiting tables, tending bar, caring for children, or doing seasonal farm work.


International Internships

AIESEC is a student-run international organization that sponsors an international internship exchange program. UIUC has a local chapter of AIESEC which coordinates management, technical, and development international traineeships.


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Volunteering Abroad

There are many opportunities to volunteer abroad. Some opportunities pay expenses while many others provide room and board, or charge a fee to participate.

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Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English can be an accessible and popular avenue for working overseas. Often a bachelor's degree and being a native English speaker is all that is required. Formal ESL credentials are not always required, but it can open doors to university jobs, higher salaries, and positions in tighter markets. International ESL experience is always a great advantage, and you can find many of these types of opportunities in I-Link.

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