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Welcome to The Career Center’s “Databits” blog – a project that our Assessment Committee and Research Teams have been talking about for more than 2 years now! But, why would a career center establish a blog about data? 

Around here, we get pretty excited about finding compelling ways to communicate the value of career services. What difference does career services make in students’ lives? How can we “tell the story” of our programs, services, and people to demonstrate the impact of our efforts? And, how can we continuously improve our offerings? 

Assessment has provided a powerful tool for gathering evidence to address these questions and more. But, continued growth and creativity feeds off of good company! So now, we want to reach out to you.

We desire to help career professionals think about assessment, data, and evidence in new ways. This blog will share insights about assessment experiences and findings, ideas about new directions we are exploring, and tips on new resources. You can also find sample assessment documents, reports, and presentations throughout our “Scholarship and Innovation” section of The Career Center website. And, we invite you to join the Assessment and Research in Career Services (ARCS) Network to connect with career services assessment and research professionals across the country (and world!). 

We also hope that you will get involved in a dialog with us – sharing your ideas and resources. What activities have you engaged to: 

  • explore the value that career services add to the colleges and universities that you serve?
  • understand the impact of career development programs and services on student learning, engagement, and progress to degree completion?
  • demonstrate the career outcomes of college graduates?

We firmly believe that assessment in career services does not have to be an overwhelming or daunting task. Everyone has a story to tell. There are many ways to tell that story. Together, we can uncover powerful and engaging ways to communicate the value of career development. We warmly welcome you to join us in this journey. 


Blog entry contributed by: Julia Panke Makela, Associate Director for Assessment and Research at The Career Center, jpmakela@illinois.edu 

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