Career Certificate - International Students (CC-I) Program

The Career Certificate – International Students (CC-I) program is a nationally-awarded, innovative 9-week program to help international students become more competitive job/internship candidates. The program includes weekly workshops, peer mentoring, and online activities to enhance your networking, job search, and interviewing skills.

Become a CC-I Program Volunteer

This is a great opportunity to gain leadership experience.

Global Career Opportunity (GCO) Series

The GCO series of workshops is designed for students who are interested in careers in their home country or abroad. Knowing about specific job markets, cultural practices, and country-specific search strategies will help you expand your job search. Since 2014, the GCO series has highlighted careers and job markets in various countries including China, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan. For country-specific workshops, The Career Center collaborates with international student organizations that represent each country.  

Workshops for International Students

Besides the CC-I Program and GCO series, The Career Center provides many workshops to help international students increase career and professional skills. Upcoming workshops are listed in our calendar of events and in the INTLConnect newsletter. You may also request a workshop that addresses specific topics of interest through the workshop catalog.