Recruitment Benchmarks Reports

The Career Center contributes to development of an annual Recruitment Benchmarks Report, produced by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Career Services Council. This report tracks engagement between students and employers in recruiting activities across the campus. Multi-year trends in recruiting activity are provided to offer a strong picture of the employers and organizations who recruit across campus. The report is hosted on our Hire Illini website, a collaborative space for connecting students with employment opportunities.

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Campuswide Committee on Student Learning Outcomes

In Spring 2015, The Career Center represented Student Affairs at the University of Illinois on a campus-wide committeee to draft a set of learning outcomes that all Illinois undergraduate students should achieve by the time they complete their baccalaureate degrees. We worked together with faculty and administrators to explore what an education at "a world-class university with a land-grant mission" should look like. You can see the final report via the link below. We are continuing to work with campus committees on how to assess student learning across curricular and co-curricular experiences. 

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Assessment at Illinois

As a part of a campus-wide Assessment Working Group, The Career Center is contributing to the development of program assessment resources to be distributed to colleagues across campus. A new "Assessment at Illinois" website is now under development, with a launch planned in Fall 2016. More details on this coming soon.