Multi-national Search

Riley Guide provides international job search resources, including searching for employment by country or region of the world. 

Monster International connects users to 51 affiliated job sites in 44 countries.

UNjobs lists vacancies with the United Nations and intergovernmental organizations.


Search in Asia

Asiajobs covers 12 countries and originates job openings from company websites and recruitment agencies. is one of the most famous job sites in China. is a widely used job board in China. All content is in Chinese.

LockinChina provides information about employment opportunities in Beijing. All content is in Chinese.​ serves foreigners who want to find a job in China. Content is in English.

JobKorea is a widely used job board in Korea and includes part-time, entry-level, and mid-career postings. All content is in Korean.

Peoplenjob is a major job site for foreign companies operating in South Korea. All content is in Korean.

Contact Singapore is a governmental agency that provides career and education resources to foreigners who want to find an employment opportunity in Singapore. is a widely used job site in Taiwan. All content is in Chinese.

HiRecruit is operated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan. It provides employment opportunities at companies in Taiwan, as well as Taiwanese companies operating in the U.S.


Search in Europe

Jobrapido connects to multiple job sites in the United Kingdom.

Eurojobs is a British job site that markets itself as the “only multi-country job site in Europe”.

Jobware is an international database of primarily German-based multinational companies.


Search in Central and South America

Bumeran provides employment information in 12 Central and South American countries, including Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Sites are in the native languages of the countries served. is a widely used job site for the Caribbean.