A hand uses a pen to point to elements on a handout about preparing for a career in medicine.

Health professions advisors assist pre-health students in preparing for the application process to health professional schools.  We provide information, resources, and insight to assist you in exploring the various health professions, learning how to become a competitive applicant, and navigating obstacles along the way.  Our health professions advisors are trained in both health professions advising and career coaching. It's never too early or too late to meet with a health professions advisor.

What to Expect

You will meet with a health professions advisor who will ask some questions to get to know you better and to assist you in brainstorming options. Your advisor will also share resources, information, services, and events related to your goals.

How to Prepare

No preparation is necessary. However, you may choose to review the Health Professions section of our website and/or talk to your academic advisor about working in prerequisite coursework.