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What is UIntern?

UIntern helps facilitates summer internships at nonprofit organizations. Students benefit professionally by expanding their education through internships that are relevant to their field and receiving the invaluable experience of using their talents and skills to help others. At the same time, nonprofit organizations are able to introduce students to their valuable missions and goals while benefiting from students' unique skills and perspectives.

Details for Students

Interning provides an excellent way for students to gain professional experience while doing meaningful work over the summer. You will learn how a nonprofit organization operates, develop new skills, and be eligible to apply for a UIntern Fellowship grant up to $750.

UIntern Expectations:

  • Attend one spring information session 
  • Attend one additional Career Center workshop, event, or individual appointment
  • Apply for UIntern positions, interview, and hopefully receive an internship
  • Intern over the summer with your organization. Be professional and engaged
  • Submit a final evaluation to UIntern

Apply to UIntern

Specific details are available in February each year.

UIntern Student Fellowships

Students who meet the expectations of UIntern are eligible to apply for a grant of up to $750 to provide financial compensation during their unpaid internship. To apply, students will be required to submit their resume and a brief application essay about why they chose their internship, what skills they hope to develop, and how the award will help them in their professional and academic development. Applications are due at the beginning of May. 

Selected UIntern Fellows who receive the grant will be required to submit a final report at the end of the summer describing the outcomes of their internship. 

Details for Non-Profit Organizations

There is no cost, beyond oversight of a student, to participate in the UIntern program. You will choose your intern from a pool of committed students with a diverse set of skills and interests. Do you need someone with graphic design skills? Data analysis skills? Social media expertise? With UIntern you are free to modify your intern request to fit the needs of your organization. Additionally, you can host as many interns as you think is wise for your organization's work and project needs.

UIntern Expectations:

  • Post description of your UIntern internship in I-link by early spring

  • Host at least one intern at your organization from mid-May through early August 

  • Establish the intern's role and responsibilities

  • Designate mentor/supervisor for intern to report to and to hold weekly meetings with the intern

  • Submit final evaluation to UIntern